Quality Assurance Policy

Security Smart Ltd employs a Quality Assurance Management System (QAMS) to deliver consistent quality services and performance that ensures a commitment to public safety, human rights; upholding applicable laws and company ethics; enhancing customer satisfaction; reducing or eliminating performance risks (safety, operational, financial, etc.); and reinforcing continuous process improvements to foster customer satisfaction, manage associated risks, and drive efficiencies and overall cost-competitiveness in the markets we operate.

The goals and objectives of the Security Smart’s Quality Assurance Management System (QAMS) is to:
1. Foster a culture where Safety of employees and other stakeholders is a top priority

2. Ensure that the business unit delivers services meeting customer requirements, applicable standards, regulations, and governing law;

3. Achieve and maintain certification to an International Standard (ANSI PSC.1-2012) for our industry that ensures the delivery of consistent and predictable quality services, while maintaining the safety and security of operations and clients within a framework that acknowledges and respects human rights, applicable international laws, and fundamental freedoms;

4. Forster a quality culture through the organization that identifies and assesses risks at all levels to meet the company’s strategic and operational objectives, while protecting the safety, security, and human rights of our internal and external stakeholders (to include clients and affected communities);

5. Maintain conformity to customer and Standard requirements through corporate governance and Top Management commitment to the QAMS; and

6. Continually assess the effectiveness of the QAMS through scheduled internal auditing and maintaining Standard certification.

The Quality Policy applies to all employees working for or on behalf of the Security Smart Ltd. and shall be required of subcontractors used in the delivery of security services for this business unit, unless otherwise stated within the content of a program-specific policy or agreement.

Policy Statement:
Security Smart Ltd is committed to the safety of our personnel and the clients we serve. It shall carry out all processes and projects according to the customer’s requirements, system procedures, local laws and regulations, national and international humanitarian law, and international human rights law. It is the responsibility of management to ensure that sufficient qualified staff is allocated, and that the business management system contributes to the objectives of QAMS. To ensure a dynamic system, it is also an obligation of any employee to initiate updating or modification of the system when this is considered expedient.

The ultimate goal of all quality processes – both internal and external – is to enhance quality thus promoting trust among all our stakeholders. Additionally the outcome should always be to enhance quality levels through a considered examination process and maintaining a balance between accountability and improvement.

Quality management should be derived from contract requirements, mission statements and strategic goals of each Business Unit and constitute a fundamental part of an overarching quality culture that aims at continuous enhancement of the quality.

It is important to take into account both the diversity of the Company’s mission, as well as national contexts and traditions when we develop our quality assurance procedures, including human rights. There is no one-dimensional definition of quality for the purpose of quality assurance. The quality assurance processes should be flexible and adaptable so as not to stifle diversity, innovation and operational execution.
It is Security Smart’s policy that data and experience from processes are fully utilized at every level of the organization to continually improve the business management system. The use of Lean Six Sigma® techniques is encouraged.

Policy Review
This policy shall be reviewed annually by Security Smart’s Top Management.

Top Management (Managing Director, Directors)
• Top Management is responsible for the review and approval of the Quality Policy and to ensure sufficient resources are maintained to meet company Quality objectives.

• Supervisors and Managers are responsible for communicating and enforcing the Quality Policy and changes to the policy across their functional areas.

• Supervisors and Managers are responsible for ensuring personnel comply with Quality systems and encourage continual improvement.

• Supervisors and Managers are responsible for ensuring non-conformance with the Quality Policy is corrected in an expedient manner.

Employee/Subcontractor/Vendors & Suppliers
• Each employee and person working for or on behalf of SOC is responsible for complying with the Quality Policy, and contributing to the Quality system through continuous assessment of internal procedures and process improvement.

• Employees should ensure procedures are followed and that documented procedures and applicable supporting documents are current, accurate, and fully address the requirements to meet the standard.

• Employees are responsible for presenting identified process deficiencies or non-conformances with customer requirements and standards to their immediate supervisor.

• Employees are responsible for ensuring their procedures and other applicable quality documents are periodically reviewed in accordance with the company’s QAMS processes for documentation management and revision control.

• Employees are encouraged to examine procedures and promote innovations or alternative methods of achieving customer requirements and standards through more lean, efficient, and safer practices to their supervisor/managers.

• Personnel are responsible for identifying areas that do not conform with the Quality Policy and report it to their direct Supervisor/Manager.

Policy Endorsement
This policy has been reviewed and endorsed by Security Smart’s Top Management 5th October 2016