Health and Safety Policy

Security Smart Ltd is a leading supplier of security and stewarding services to a range of business sectors, including Offices, Warehouses, Factories, Construction sites, Evnets & Festivals.
“ Security Smart aims to ensure that all activities carried out by its employees (or their agents) at any of its venues are managed in such a manner so as to avoid, reduce, or control, all foreseeable risks to the health & safety of any person who may be affected by such activities to a tolerable level”.

General Policy Statement
In furtherance of the above statement and the need to ensure compliance with all relevant health & safety legislation Security Smart will pay particular attention to the provision of:

= A healthy working environment

= A safe place in which to work with safe means of access

= Suitable and sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision to enable all employees to comply with the company Health & Safety Policy

= Safe equipment and systems of work

= Arrangements for the safe use, handling, storage and transport of all relevant items

= The ability for employees to discuss health & safety related matters, in the form of queries, suggestions and complaints.

= Appropriate management procedures and consultative arrangements to monitor and audit compliance with the company Health & Safety Policy

= Appropriate arrangements to assess and control the risks associated with work activities undertaken by Security Smart agents at any of its venues

= Appropriate policies to ensure that only Health & Safety policy compliant venues are taken on as contracts by Security Smart for its agents to work on

To assist in the implementation of the Health & Safety Policy appropriate external sources of information may be consulted coupled with the commissioning of adequate competent personnel to advise on particular health & safety matters as required.

Risk’s resulting from our work activities are continually assessed in accordance with the requirements of the Management of Health & Safety Regulations 1999 in an attempt to reduce these risks. Any additional controls deemed to be necessary to prevent serious injury from occurring will subsequently continue to be strengthened.

The successful implementation of this policy can only be achieved with the full commitment and involvement of personnel from all levels within the business. To ensure a pro-active approach to health & safety, staff welfare and policy compliance, all employees will be given access to fully comprehensive information, such as instruction and necessary training to enable them to undertake their work activities safely, both for themselves and others.