Guard Dogs/Patrol

A guard dog is regarded as one of the most effective deterrents against theft or damage to your property. Security dog with a dog-handler can effectively replace up to 3 static security officers. Not only are they more of a deterrent, it’s cost effective too.

Dogs have an incredible sense of hearing and a powerful sense of smell. This enables them to detect disturbances from a long distance, and well before any person or high tech alarm system.

Guard dogs are not threatened by intimidating behaviour and have the ability to stand up to any trespasser. Trained guard dogs are a valuable asset and ensure your security without compromised. Each dog lives with their handler which creates a strong bond and encourages their natural instinct and desire to protect.

= We have highly effective dog teams for when the additional security and deterrent of a guard dog and handler is needed.

= We can provide guard dogs for both one-off events and long term solutions.

= Our security dogs and handlers are all well trained and NASDU-compliant, as well as reaching the standards required by and inspected and accredited to BS 8517 Part1 for general purpose guard dogs.

Alarm systems have their place and are great at indicating a disturbance, but they cannot act upon it. Equally, camera systems record what is occurring, but this doesn’t help if criminals use a disguise. Even a monitored system can experience a delayed response if you’re at the mercy of the police who have limited resources – plus, the crime has already taken place.

Whether this is preventing evicted squatters re-occupying a vacant property, safeguarding full warehouses or isolated industrial estates from robbery or maintaining crowd control in difficult circumstances – security dog units provide highly effective security in cases where a lone security officer would be outnumbered.

Take your security as seriously as Security Smart Ltd can do, then get in touch with our Services to see how much we can help.