Company Profile

Security Smart Ltd holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding Services. Established in 2013, Security Smart Ltd has grown to provide the exceptional services in the security industry especially in Security Guarding as well Stewarding service.

Security Smart takes pride in working around the clock to provide excellent service to its clients at all times. Whereby no request is too small or too big, Security Smart works to attain every goal and target set. It provides a tailored security solutions for each clients and businesses.

Security Smart prides itself on being different to other companies in delivering the top quality services to the clients. And in being different, it also follow a set of ethos that sets about in continually growing both the business and the people that work within it. Our services are based on its core values of integrity, quality, loyalty and trust.

Since its birth, We have provided huge number of companies with quality services. With quite an extensive service, Security Smart always competes to go further to keep its clients happy

Security Smart believes in eliminating danger, avoiding risk and promoting safety. That is why at Security Smart Ltd, all is done to protect itself, its workers, its clients and its business.

All Security Smarts’ Personnel are fully trained and licenced in the provision of security services. In addition to that, it holds SIA Approved Contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding and Steward services.

“The ACS Standard encompases all aspects of a security provider’s operation. It take a holistic view of how well an organisation is managed and an approved organisation must demonstrate to an independent assessor, or an annual basis, that it has met defined statdards.”

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